Do you know in what proportion are BCAAs the most effective? Based on biochemical research over the last 2 years, it has been found that in order to achieve maximum BCAA performance, it is necessary that the ratio of the individual components be in the 2: 1: 1 rule. That is, the ratio of 2 parts of L-leucine, 1 part of L-valine and 1 part of L-isoleucine in the BCAA is ideal. If the ratio is different, the BCAA efficacy decreases rapidly. The effectiveness of BCAA utilization in the body is further enhanced by glutamine and B6. Achieving the ideal ratio is simple only in capsule or powder form. In liquid forms which have a better absorption than powdered form, it is very difficult to achieve the correct ratio with respect to the instability of BCAA in the aqueous environment. Therefore, many manufacturers, at the expense of product effectiveness, chose a simpler inverted BCAA variant whereby the most important amino acid of L-leucine is suppressed in favor of valine and isoleucine. Often, the L-leucine content is the lowest of all three BCAAs.