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Business cooperation

If you are a business partner and are interested in selling a Penco assortment, please fill out the regular customer registration form on the right-hand side of the site. Then contact our company via e-mail with a registration request in our merchant database.

Traders who are not yet registered PENCO customers will then be asked to send a copy of the Trade Certificate of VAT certificate. We verify the existence of each subject, so thank you for your patience. Penco reserves the right to decide to be included in the traders database.

Registration procedure:

Fill in and submit the registration form
Contact our company by email at with a request for inclusion in the wholesale e-shop section.
Once your registration has been approved by our staff, you will receive a confirmation e-mail (we will try to confirm your request as soon as possible, up to 2 business days) with your access to the wholesale.
Once you have received the confirmation email, you can log in to the system and start ordering online.
All registered merchants will be regularly informed about news and promotions prepared for customers included in the merchant database.

For registration as a Business Partner, the condition of the first order is a minimum of CZK 3000 with VAT.

The shipping cost is as follows:

PPL 89, -
shipping company Toptrans 140, -

When ordering over 2500, - is free shipping.


Do you use sports nutrition to improve your results? Are you interested in taking ionic drinks, energy or proteinbars, proteins and other nutritional supplements at very favorable conditions?

Then feel free to write to us at or call 608 757 064.


Spolupráce s kluby, týmy a sponzoring


Spolupráce s kluby, týmy a sponzoring


Spolupráce s kluby, týmy a sponzoring