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Branded carnitine Carnipure in the purest form from the Swiss company Lonza .

Part number:KARN120
Availability: immediately to expedition

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PENCO® L-KARNITIN contains the pure crystalline form of CARNIPURE branded L-carnitine, which is valued for its exceptional purity and quality. Only the L-form of carnitine is biologically active, the D-form is ineffective and reduces the usefulness of the L-form. This 100% pure L-carnitine is produced by a patented biochemical procedure in the Swiss company LONZA.

L-KARNITTIN is a natural substance related to vitamins, which contributes significantly to the fat burning in the cell to produce the energy needed for all important life processes, including muscle and heart activity. Its main function in the body is the transport of fatty acids (fat components) to cell organelles (mitochondria), where they burn to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) of a vital energy source.

L-KARNITTIN affects the overall state of the body and the readiness of the body for sporting performance at maximum intensity. It promotes fat burning during exercise and consequently decreases body weight. It further stimulates the formation of storage glycogen and the use of branched amino acids as a source of energy for muscle work at endurance performance.

L-CARNITIN has the ability to reduce the production of lactic acid during physical exercise - this increases the ability to withstand the rate of deployment.

L-CARNITIN also plays an important role in sperm maturation and increases male fertility.


Product info

Part number: KARN120
Manufacturer: PENCO
Availability: immediately to expedition
Type of product: Tablets
For sport: Gym
Size: 120tbl
Form: tablets
Number of tablets: 120

DOSAGE: adults 1-2 capsules daily, children and pregnant women only at the recommendation of a physician. 1 capsule 200 - 300 ml of water or hypotonic drink. We recommend athletes for strength and endurance disciplines, vegetarians, seniors and as part of weight control programs.

COMPOSITION: L-carnitine tartrate (99.9 g / 100g), gelatin capsule (100% gelatin), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide (0.1g / 100g)