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Pure creatine monohydrate supplemented by a unique transport system that facilitates the absorption of creatine into muscle and its faster utilization.

Part number:KREATIN500
Availability: immediately to expedition

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  • increases physical performance
  • improves short-term high intensity performance
  • improves repeat speed
  • functional creatine dose = 3g per day

Creatine is part of the natural metabolic equipment of the cells. It occurs in the muscles, the brain and the blood both in the form of phosphate and free. The daily physiological need is about 2 g of creatine, part of which gets the body out of the diet and a part of its own production, ie synthesis of three amino acids - glycine, arginine and methionine. An increased creatine supply leads to a rise in creatine phosphate in the cell. The stock of this macro-creatine phosphate serves to maintain the required amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as a source of energy for muscle contraction. It has been found that creatine supplementation at higher doses for 2-3 days will increase creatine phosphate in the muscle, which is one of the basic prerequisites for increasing the speed.

Creatine increases physical performance with repeated high-intensity interval and short-term performance. The positive effect is achieved by feeding 3 g of creatine daily. Present vitamin C contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and chromium to maintain standard blood glucose levels and to the normal metabolism of macro-nutrients.

Ergogenic effects of oral supplementation of creatine can be used especially in intermittent or short-term high intensity exercises, such as cycling, swimming, athletics or sports games (volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, squash ...).

Product info

Part number: KREATIN500
Manufacturer: PENCO
Availability: immediately to expedition
For sport: Gym | Team sports
Size: 500g
Timing: Před výkonem | Po výkonu
Form: powder

COMPOSITION: Creatine Monohydrate, Glucose, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), Rutin, Chromium Chloride

PREPARATION: 2 flat teaspoons (about 5g) of Penco Creatine immediately dissolve in a 250-350 ml high glycemic beverage immediately before use, eg in Penco MD, Penco ED or Juice Carbohydrates. Follow the above procedure to achieve the desired effects.

The maximum daily dose is 16g of Penco Creatine = 15g of creatine monohydrate.


1st intake phase: 15 g of creatine monohydrate daily, eg 3 times a day 5 g for 1 week

2. maintenance phase: 3 - 5g creatine daily for 4-6 weeks

After 6 to 8 weeks of using Penco Creatine, a 4-week period without supplementation should follow to avoid unwanted adaptation of the organism. Use according to a personal diet plan in a quantity proportional to actual body load.

Nutritional dates
na 100g %RHP*/ in maximum dose (16 g) %RHP* /16g
Energy  1510 kJ/360 kcal 18%         242 kJ/58 kcal    2,90%
Fats 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
from taht saturated fats 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
Sacharides 6 g 2,30% 1 g 0,40%
from that sugars 6 g 6,70% 1 g 1,10%
Proteins 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
Salt 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
Creatine monohydrate from that creatine
94 g   15 g  
83 g 13 g
Vitamín C 380 mg 475%** 60 mg 75%**
Rutin 130 mg   20 mg  
Chróm 3+ 188 µg 470%** 30µg 75%**
RHP –  referenční hodnota příjmu, * Referenční hodnota příjmu u průměrné dospělé osoby 
(8 400kJ/ 2 000kcal), **% denní referenční hodnota příjmu